Street Law Launches "The Response" Educational Package

Legal education leader Street Law has created a package that includes a DVD of the film and classroom materials for teaching about national security law.




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Brief? Brief. I have been here
for more than four years. With no
attorney - only this man you give
me (pointing to his Personal
Representative) who is not even a
lawyer and who I can not talk
confidentially to. He must tell you
everything I say. So what do I

Detainee Representation

Participants in a Combatant Status Review Tribunal (CSRT) would include the Court Recorder, a military officer whose job it was to keep the audio record (*these hearings were never filmed), swear in the witnesses, present the materials and answer any questions the tribunals members might have; a translator for the detainee (most detainees did not speak English); and the detainee’s Personal Representative. This personal representative is a military officer who, by law, is not an attorney and whose responsibility is to assist the detainee with the process of how the Combatant Status Review Tribunals (CSRTs) work. As this person is not a lawyer, there is no confidentiality between the detainee and the Personal Representative. Anything the detainee says to his Personal Representative must be relayed to the court.


Detainee Representation: Further Reading

The Guantanamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison, Outside the Law by Jonathan Hafetz is a record for posterity of the work of attorneys who have worked to provide counsel to Guantanamo detainees.


For Law Schools, Colleges, and High Schools:

Educational Support Materials for the "The Response" and a DVD of the film are available from the Street Law organization: online or by calling 301-589-1130 ext. 220.