Key Contact

To be advised

State of New Jersey
U.S. Congressional Delegation

Andrews, Robert E. D 1st Contact
LoBiondo, Frank A. R 2nd Contact
Congressman LoBiondo on Guantanamo
Adler, John H. D 3rd Contact
Smith, Christopher H. R 4th Contact
Congressman Smith on Guantanamo
Garrett, Scott R 5th Contact
Congressman Garrett on Guantanamo
Pallone, Frank Jr. D 6th Contact
Lance, Leonard R 7th Contact
Congressman Lance on Guantanamo
Pascrell, Bill Jr. D 8th Contact
Rothman, Steven R. D 9th Contact
Payne, Donald M. D 10th Contact
Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. R 11th Contact
Congressman Frelinghuysen on Guantanamo
Holt, Rush D. D 12th Contact
Congressman Holt on Guantanamo
Sires, Albio D 13th Contact

"The Response" in New Jersey

Screenings of "The Response" were conducted in June, 2010, in New Jersey, in conjunction with Amnesty International's Counter Terror with Justice Campaign.

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"The Response" in New Jersey - By City


June 2010 - "The Response" screening planned in conjunction with Amnesty International's "Torture Awareness Month."

For Law Schools, Colleges, and High Schools:

Educational Support Materials for the "The Response" and a DVD of the film are available from the Street Law organization: online or by calling 301-589-1130 ext. 220.